Kaia Gerber Is the Mirror Image of Mom Cindy Crawford in This Gorgeous Magazine Spread

Teen Vogue | Yelena Yemchuk

It's no secret that Cindy Crawford and her daughter, Kaia Gerber, look so much alike that they're practically twins, but the family resemblance has never been more uncanny than in Kaia's latest spread for Teen Vogue's September issue. The mother-daughter duo interviewed each other for the feature, discussing everything from how the modeling world has affected 14-year-old Kaia to how Cindy decided to allow her daughter to follow in her iconic footsteps. Although Cindy doesn't make an appearance in the photos, there's no question which parent Kaia takes after while posing on the beach and looking as lovely as ever. Read highlights from their interview here!

Kaia on how modeling has changed her life: "It has given me the chance to meet such incredible people. Living in Malibu is like being in a bubble, so discovering others that are so different from me has been incredibly gratifying. I've watched [my mom] be nothing but kind to everyone on set, from the photographer to the caterer."

Kaia on her strong family resemblance: "When I look at my mom, aside from physical features (of course), we share many of the same mannerisms. I notice it when looking back on past videos of her. I don't know if it's genetic, or something I've just caught onto, but our actions mimic one another."

Cindy on making sure Kaia was ready for the modeling world: "Even though her dad and I have always taken pictures of Kaia, her first real modeling job was for Versace when she was 10 years old. We allowed her to do it because it was with a great team. She loved shooting for Donatella Versace with Mert and Markus. I chaperoned her and I knew besides getting great pictures, she would have fun. Because she didn't do another modeling job right away, the media falsely said I was pulling her back from it. The truth is, there aren't that many incredible opportunities for young girls and I only wanted her to have great experiences."