25 Hot Photos of Queer Eye's Karamo Brown That Will Make You Feel Tingly All Over

I've got a confession. I've thirsted (see: lusted) over Karamo Brown for nearly 14 years. I first laid eyes on the handsome TV personality when he was starring on MTV's The Real World: Philadelphia as the first openly gay black man on reality TV. Not only did I identify with Karamo as a pubescent teenager coming to terms with my own sexual identity at the time, but dammit, he was fine as hell, too! Fast forward to 2018, and he's back on my TV screen, this time as one-fifth of the fabulous members of Netflix's Queer Eye reboot.

Karamo's role on the show is the "culture" expert, which means he provides lifestyle and confidence tips for the guys receiving makeovers, but mostly he just gets to hang out and look sexy, and viewers love him for it. And trust me when I say I'm not alone in my admiration of the 37-year-old hunk. Allow these hot photos of Karamo to explain why I've been obsessed for so long. Warning: you will feel tingly all over.