Kate Hudson: Mom Goldie Hawn and I Bond Over Being the Only Women in the Family

Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn have the kind of close-as-can-be relationship most mothers and daughters strive for. When we caught up with Kate to talk about her new movie, Kung Fu Panda 3, our conversation about the movie's themes of family quickly turned to Kate's own relatives. When we mentioned that POPSUGAR readers love Goldie, she brightened: "The good news is, I love Goldie too! I can say she's incredibly lovable." So, how does the busy duo keep their bond so enviably tight?


"It starts with my mom. My mom never had — obviously as a parent you have certain expectations — but my mother never had unreasonable expectations. Her expectations were very simple: it was your kindness, and being present, and acknowledgment, and gratitude. Things that are really, I think, important to be raised with. But in terms of life expectations — what you do, or who you're with, or what you chose to be — she really allowed us the freedom to experience our own lives," Kate said. "Which doesn't mean that it didn't come with parenting!"

Kate also credits Goldie's open-mindedness and easygoing nature with their family's closeness.

"Because of her personality, but also because of her spirituality, she's very open to change and can go with the ebbs and flows of life. She is a searcher herself, so my mom loves and enjoys her own life, which I think was a really wonderful thing to see growing up. Because there was no anxiety about leaving her kids. I think it was a really brilliant thing that she sort of wanted us to have these experiences, and then she'd go have her experiences," Kate told us. "When we got older and left the house, it was like we'd all go on these journeys and these experiences, and we'd come back and we'd have all these stories to tell. Coming back was always the best part, even though the journey was great. So, of course I'm going to maintain that."

There's also the simple fact that girls gotta stick together.

"The truth is, I'm the only girl! There are a lot of boys in our families," Kate laughed. "We need that energy with each other. I pretty much talk to her every day. I can't really go a week. I've gone a week, but it's super rare. "