Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry Serenade Fans With a Catchy Voting Song: "For Daisy Dove"

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry created a different kind of voting PSA to motivate Americans in the 2020 election. On Wednesday, the couple posted a song — to the tune of "Rise and Shine" — encouraging fans to vote in person, rather than relying on a mail-in ballot. In many states, the US Postal Service's deadline for these mail-in ballots has already passed.

"Mum n Dad just sayin drop em off it's too late to mail em in — it's safe #wearamask bring snacks and a friend!" Orlando captioned the video of himself and Katy with coffee mugs in hand. You heard 'em, folks!

Katy has been vocal about her support for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this election and her efforts toward making sure people exercise their right to vote. As a citizen of the UK, Orlando won't be casting a ballot, but he does have his kids top of mind as he sings their voting tune. "This is for the future generations by the way. This little ditty is gonna be for Daisy Dove," he said, referencing their 2-month-old daughter. Watch the cute video below.