17 Photos That Will Make You Say, “Kit Harington, U Ok Hun?”

As Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, Kit Harington has to do his fair share of brooding. The King in the North hasn't exactly had an easy time of it, and it shows in his now-famous sad face. There's even a Tumblr devoted to photos of Jon Snow looking sad. The slightly worrying thing is that it seems to have rubbed off into real life, too. You'd be forgiven for thinking Kit Harington has quite a lot to smile about, what with the gorgeous girlfriend and the incredible costars, but his trademark red-carpet pose still seems to be "staring into the middle distance, on the verge of tears." Maybe he feels slightly uncomfortable on the red carpet, or perhaps he's squinting when faced with so many camera flashes . . . but a lot of it has to do with those naturally soulful eyes which give him a sad, vulnerable look in just about every photo. These pictures make us want to give him a massive hug and tell him everything's going to be OK, because for a guy this talented, it surely is. We just wish the same could be said for his onscreen fate in Westeros!