Kris and Caitlyn Are Doting Parents For Kendall's Big Night as a Victoria's Secret Angel

Caitlyn and Kris Jenner paired up for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on Tuesday night in NYC. The exes may share their differences, but they seem to have united over a common cause: their daughter Kendall. During our interview with Kendall before the show, she mentioned that her parents would be in attendance, but when it came to the rest of the family, she "told them all to stay away."

While the show won't be airing until Dec. 8, we've got plenty of photos from the runway to gaze at, and even glimpses of Kendall and BFF Gigi Hadid in all the exciting backstage pictures. In terms of Kris and Cait, the state of their relationship is unclear — especially after their tumultuous first meeting. Nevertheless, we've since seen them hugging it out with each other, and the fact that they're supporting Kendall together on her big night speaks volumes. Keep reading for more pictures from the exciting night.