Watch Kristen Bell's 4-Year-Old Serenade Ben Platt With a Song From His New Album

Kristen Bell's daughters have picked up on her love of singing, and my god, they're so freakin' cute. Shortly after Kristen took a Lizzo-filled car ride with her youngest, Delta, she shared another video of the 4-year-old serenading The Politician's Ben Platt with a song from his own album. His reaction is basically a mirror image of mine: "That was so good!"

Filmed in July, the clip shows Delta, Kristen's daughter with husband Dax Shepard, singing Ben's song "Run Away" while he visits for Kristen's birthday party. "This video is perhaps my most favorite video ever taken," Kristen captioned the post. "It's of the lovely @bensplatt patiently listening to my 4 yr old serenade him with a song from his album. She's *almost* as obsessed with him as I am."

Ben opened up about this tender moment last month when he stopped by Dax's podcast, Armchair Expert. He was "very impressed" by Delta's ability to remember all the words to his song and fondly recalled how she kicked everyone out of her room to have a private jam session with him and Kristen. "She said, 'I just want it to be me, Ben Platt, and Mom.'" How cute! Watch the adorable clip above and try not to weep from happiness.