Kylie Jenner Shared a Never-Before-Seen Photo of Stormi and Travis Scott, and the Internet Can't Handle It

Father's Day may have passed, but we still can't get over the adorable photo of Travis Scott and Stormi that Kylie Jenner shared to mark the occasion over the weekend.

Kylie shared a never-before-seen (and incredibly adorable) photo featuring Travis with Stormi both as a small baby and now as a 16-month-old, captioned, "Happy Father's Day @travisscott 🖤 I love the love you share with our daughter. 🖤🖤 Thank you for all that you do.. today we celebrate you .. 🖤"

But it wasn't just Kylie who shared photos of the pair — Travis posted his own series of daddy-daughter duo snaps, captioned, "The day mommy made me a daddy I couldn't wait to spend everyday with u to conquer this planet 👧⚡️🦋🔥." BRB, our hearts just burst.

You don't have to look far to see the adorable relationship Travis has with his daughter. For one, she's totally infatuated by his performances and is his number-one groupie. He's never shy to express the love he has for his daughter, and we can't wait to see more cute photos as Stormi grows up. Read on to see the sweet photos the pair shared for Father's Day — you can't get cuter than that.