Lance Bass and Joey Fatone Re-Created an *NSYNC Throwback, and . . . the Pineapple, Y'all

Though *NSYNC disbanded during a time when LiveJournal and AIM were it, the former boy-band members are nonetheless proving to be skilled at the more modern social media platforms available to us now.

Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, and Chris Kirkpatrick recently reunited — to the delight of many millennials — and they spent some time partaking in a TikTok challenge set to Simple Plan's angsty 2002 banger "I'm Just a Kid." The challenge basically has its participants re-create a photo from their youth, so Joey and Lance obliged and posed with a rose gold pineapple tumbler. Did the original photo feature a pineapple in the traditional sense? No, no it did not, but we won't spoil it any further. Watch the video above to enjoy it as it was intended to be enjoyed.