Leah Jenner Is Having a Sexy and Sweet Pregnancy — See Her Instagrams!

Starting a family is the ultimate collaboration for musicians Leah and Brandon Jenner. It's only been a couple months since the husband and wife shared their exciting pregnancy news on Instagram, but the duo already has enough memories to start a scrapbook. Most recently, Leah and Brandon brought on the laughs with his and her baby bumps in a snap posted on Tuesday. The mom-to-be has also shown off her sexy side, flaunting her pregnant physique in lingerie and a bikini. You don't have to hope for a special episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians to see the cute couple's journey unfold — keep reading for all the snaps Leah and Brandon have shared on Instagram!

Leah showered Brandon with PDA during a beach day in Hawaii in late March.

Leah showed off her baby bump in a bikini shortly after announcing her pregnancy in late March. "#ilovebeingpregnant #ialsoloveburritos #alot," she joked in the caption.

Instagram | brandontjenner

Brandon got sentimental after this photo was taken in April. "Revisiting the spot where Leah and I got engaged eight years ago," he wrote. "Now we have a baby on the way!"

The photogenic couple announced her pregnancy with this moment in mid-March. "Well, it's time we share the good news," she wrote. "We're having a baby."

Instagram | brandontjenner

It was a family affair when the duo linked up with brother Brody Jenner and their mom, Linda Thompson, in May.

Leah reflected in her pregnancy journey in March, writing, "Feeling grateful for this life."

The musicians treated themselves to wide open spaces in Hawaii in late March. "Maui, I love you. #bellysgettingbigger!!" she wrote.

She held on tight to her baby bump in May. "I can't wait to meet this little person," she wrote. "#alreadyfeellikeamama."

She kicked up her feet and balanced a cup of coffee. "I could get used to this pregnancy thing," she wrote in March.

Brandon was all about the bump in late May. "He thinks he's funny," Leah wrote.

Leah flaunted her sexy figure in this intimate snap from early May, but her caption was pure comedy: "Soooo... boy or girl?!?!?! ...or burrito?" she quipped.