Lee Pace Reveals He's Married to Matthew Foley and Thinking About Starting a Family

Surprise! Lee Pace is officially married — and he has been for some time now. In a recent interview with GQ, the "Bodies Bodies Bodies" actor revealed he is married to Matthew Foley, an executive at Thom Browne. While the 43-year-old didn't say when he and his husband tied the knot, he did reveal they have been together for several years now.

In fact, Pace met his husband through a mutual friend. "I said to my friend Nick, 'You know a lot of people, who do you have for me?' And it luckily has worked out," he said.

While Pace has been candid about his desire to keep the focus on his work, he has shared a photo featuring Foley on his Instagram. In August 2021, the actor posted a collection of pics from a camping trip that included a snap of Foley rowing their canoe. Meanwhile, Foley shared a photo of Pace on Instagram in 2019. The snap is hilariously captioned, "moments before the cat attack."

That small glimpse into the couple's sense of humor may hold the key to why they work so well together. "What I'll say about being married, it was once described to me as an endless sleepover with your weirdest friend," he explained to GQ. "In our experience, that is absolutely true. If you've found one person you can be weird around, hold on tight."

Pace's marriage news comes in the midst of a big year for the actor, career-wise. The "Foundation" star recently starred in "Bodies Bodies Bodies" alongside Pete Davidson, and he enjoyed being the sole millennial in the Gen Z horror movie. "The movie is about the chaos of this group of people trapped in a house, and the specificity of those characters is the thing that moves the plot forward," Pace told POPSUGAR. "The thing that makes their dynamics testy and dangerous is the monster in the room a lot of the time."

As much as Pace loves his work, the actor is equally passionate about starting a family. "I'd love to have kids," he said in his interview with GQ. "I think there's nothing better than little kids running around."

Additional reporting by Njera Perkins.