Today, You Finally Get the Chance to Watch Liam Hemsworth Take His Clothes Off

So far this year, we've seen Liam Hemsworth shopping barefoot in a tank top, skateboarding in jeans, and nearly getting covered in slime at the Kids' Choice Awards — and today, we get to see him the best way, which is shirtless. Liam hit the beach for an afternoon of surfing in Malibu, CA, on Thursday. After spending time in the waves, the Hunger Games star headed back to his car, where he peeled off his wetsuit and put his buff body on display while changing into dry clothes. If these photos look familiar, it's probably because we were recently treated to a similar series of snaps featuring Liam's older brother Chris, who also stripped out of his wetsuit after a surf session in Australia last month. Keep reading for more photos of Liam shirtless, and check out even more of his hottest pictures here.