Lizzo Treated Washington Medical Workers to Lunch to Thank Them For Fighting COVID-19

At a time when medical professionals are working rapidly to decrease the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Lizzo decided to thank them for their hard work and dedication by donating lunch to the entire ER staff at the University of Washington Medical Center. "Thank you @Lizzo for sending lunches to the UW Medical Center - Montlake Emergency Department today!" the hospital wrote in a tweet on Monday. "Your support of our frontline healthcare workers means a lot. #WeGotThisSeattle."

Lizzo also took some time to send a personal video to the hospital, hoping to put smiles on the faces of some of those who need it most. "Shout-out to all of y'all for being so brave and working so hard, and making sure that we're safe and healthy and healing people," Lizzo said. "That is incredible. You guys are heroes. And so the least I could do was send you some lunch. I hope you guys enjoy the food; I hope it puts a smile on your face; and I hope that you feel loved and appreciated because you really, truly are."

ICYMI, Lizzo has been posting regular flute-led meditation videos on her Instagram account to reduce anxiety and promote healing. In addition to Lizzo's generosity, shows like Grey's Anatomy have donated medical supplies to decrease the spread of coronavirus, and companies like Starbucks and Krispy Kreme are currently offering free coffee and doughnuts to support medical workers' efforts during this time. Find out what you can do to help those in need, and keep scrolling to see some of the smiles that went around after Lizzo's thoughtful donation ahead.