Lizzo Stressing Over Opening the Grammys Envelope Is Me Under the Slightest Bit of Pressure

The 2021 Grammy Awards might've announced the majority of the winners before the show even started, but when Lizzo took the outdoor stage to present the first live winner, she did not disappoint. On March 14, the three-time Grammy winner was overwhelmed with emotion as she presented best new artist, and who could blame her?! Lizzo, per usual, was a straight-up relatable queen as she slipped out a swear when gracing the stage. "B*tch, I'm back!" she said with the envelope in hand.

Now about that envelope . . . just like me when I'm under the slightest bit of pressure and there's no fidget spinner to save me, Lizzo dealt with a slight fumble struggling to open it. "I'm nervous, y'all, I'm shaking, and it's not even my award! Wait, how do you open it?" she said.

And when she did open it to see Megan Thee Stallion's name, she immediately lit up with pride. It was a must-see Grammys moment that had me cheesing from ear to ear. One person said it best on Twitter, writing, "Lizzo not knowing how to open the letter and megan just sitting there when she won the grammy are both moods." It's the cute nervous energy for me! Watch the sweet moment here, and check out photos of Lizzo presenting at the Grammys ahead.