Ballet Dancers Are Sharing Routines Set to Lizzo's "Truth Hurts," and We're Obsessed

When Lizzo asks, the internet delivers. On Aug. 20, the singer challenged her social media followers to choreograph ballet routines set to her hit song "Truth Hurts," and dancers far and wide have composed plenty of applause-worthy performances since then.

While some ballerinas have opted to do their pirouettes and pointe work solo while breaking it down to the chart-topping track, others have teamed up with fellow dancers for group performances that seamlessly blend classic ballet moves with subtle twerking and booty pops. Ahead, check out a handful of our favorite routines that have been shared on Instagram and Twitter so far, and you just might feel inclined to bust out into fourth position and get in on the fun. This is definitely a viral internet challenge we can get behind!