Madison De La Garza's Heartfelt Birthday Tribute to Sister Demi Lovato Will Make You Weep

Aug. 20 marked Demi Lovato's 26th birthday, and her 16-year-old sister, Madison De La Garza, made sure to honor Demi on her special day. Along with a childhood photo of the pair, Madison shared an emotional post, thanking God, Demi's team, and her fans for all of their support following Demi's reported drug overdose last month.

"Today could have been one of the worst days of my life . . . without all of these people I wouldn't have my big sister anymore," she wrote. Madison also shared some of her favorite memories with Demi, adding, "I wish that everyone could see the silly little things that she does, like how her nostrils move when she says certain words and when she brushes my hair behind my ear when I'm trying to sleep."

Demi was hospitalized on July 24 after she was found unconscious at her LA home due to an apparent drug overdose. Demi is currently receiving treatment at a rehab facility and shared a message for her fans on Instagram earlier this month. "I will keep fighting," she wrote. Take a look at some of Demi and Madison's sweetest sisterly moments ahead.