Margot Robbie Looks a Hell of a Lot Like Winifred Sanderson on the Set of Her New Movie

Margot Robbie, is that you?! The internet did a collective double take on Monday when photos of the Australian actress on the set of her new movie surfaced online, because, I mean, what. the. hell. Margot looked practically unrecognizable when she recently stepped out in costume as Queen Elizabeth I while filming her new movie, Mary Queen of Scots, in London. The film follows the turbulent life of Mary Stuart (Saoirse Ronan), the former queen of France who, after becoming widowed, returns to her native Scotland to reclaim her rightful throne.

Dressed in traditional garb, Margot sported a frizzy red hairstyle similar to that of Hocus Pocus witch Winifred Sanderson (before she sucked the lives out of little children). In addition to a receding hairline, the recently married star's makeup appeared to feature a prosthetic nose and rough skin. Since Margot is ridiculously stunning in real life, these photos are all the more interesting to look at.