Maria Menounos Reveals She's Expecting a Baby Girl: "We've Come Up With the Perfect Name"

Maria Menounos and her husband, Keven Undergaro, are going to be parents! On Feb. 7, a rep for the TV host, 44, and Undergaro, 55, confirmed to People that the couple are expecting their first child together via surrogate. "Just after a decade of trying everything, we are so grateful to the beautiful family helping us conceive our baby," Menounos told the outlet. "Keven, my dad and I are all beyond excited for this soul to come into our lives. What a blessing."

The mom-to-be also shared a heartfelt clip with People where she and her father, Constantinos Menounos, watch an ultrasound video together. "Oh my god," Maria says. "Guys, that's my baby. I love you."

On April 24, Menounos revealed that she and Undergaro are expecting a girl in an episode of her Heal Squad podcast. "We're very excited to announce we have a baby girl coming," she said. The mom-to-be also shared that they already have a name picked out.

"We've been thinking about names for years, 'cause as you may or may not know, this has been almost a 10-year journey for us," she explained. "We've thought about names forever, and I think we've come up with the perfect name for this baby." As for her last name, Menounos said the baby will have Undergaro "within her name," but will have Menounos as her surname.

Menounos, who first began IVF treatments over a decade ago, has opened up about the couple's fertility journey on numerous occasions. She previously shared an update in February 2022, telling People: "I definitely didn't think it was going to take this long. It's been years. We've used different services, different people. It's just been a very frustrating process."

According to People, Menounos and Undergaro — who wed during Fox's New Year's Eve broadcast in December 2017 — started considering surrogacy in 2018. They sought advice from friends like Kim Kardashian, who welcomed both her daughter Chicago and son Psalm via surrogates. "I was grateful that I had her to share and help me," said Menounos.

Menounos and Undergaro's baby girl is expected to arrive later this year.