Mark Wahlberg Shows Off His Abs While Vacationing With His Wife in Barbados

Mark Wahlberg plays a hero in his two latest movies, Patriots Day and Deepwater Horizon, but on Sunday, he was just a regular guy splashing around the beach in Barbados. The actor, who was sporting his trademark farmer's tan, appeared to be enjoying the day with friends, and on Monday, he returned to the beach with his wife, Rhea. The duo splashed around in the ocean before retreating to their lounge chairs and basking in the sun. Between his nonstop film roles, his stint as producer on the hit HBO show Ballers, and his hilarious habit of embarrassing his daughter, no wonder the incredibly busy Hollywood heavyweight needed to kick back with a tropical vacation. Luckily, his method of relaxation includes showing off his abs and biceps, which has us more convinced than ever that he hasn't aged since his Marky Mark days.