You Better Believe Her "Funky White Sister" Was at the AMAs to Cheer On Missy Elliott

Mary Halsey will always be Missy Elliott's "hype girl" and biggest fan. During Missy's performance of "Level Up" with Ciara at the American Music Awards on Tuesday night, the camera panned, and who did we spot? Mary (aka Missy's "funky white sister") flawlessly dancing and cheering for the iconic songstress.

Mary recently rose to stardom after a viral video of her "Worth It" performance surfaced on the internet. She totally gave her all to that epic rendition and, following her success, made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she met the superstar in person. Thanks to Ellen, Mary got to see Missy once again at the AMAs while covering the show, and we're totally here for their sweet friendship.