Matthew Lewis Has Replaced Trevor the Toad With His Adorable Puppies, and We're Not Mad

Who knew Neville Longbottom was such a dog-lover? Actor Matthew Lewis spent a long time at Hogwarts bringing Harry's clumsy pal to life and has gone on to appear in hit films like Me Before You and TV shows like Happy Valley, too. But he's got another starring role going on right now, and that's as king of the Instagram — with a little help from his dogs, that is.

Matthew's Instagram is packed with sweets pics of his pooches. Christmas, Summer, holidays, watching football — there isn't a moment of life in Matt's home that doesn't involve his dogs. And they're so cute, who can blame him? He's a wizard at catching moments packed with magic when it comes to his dogs, so step this way for some of the most adorable doggy dad moments ever.

When Neville Had to Fight the Battle of the Retainers

''Only My Wife Is Enjoying This''

When Luke the Dog Met Santa

When Luke and Dad Had a Dog Day Afternoon

Unlike Harry Potter Himself, Matthew's Dog Luke Really Did Want a Fuss on His Birthday

It's Not Just Neville Who Can Be Clumsy (Luke the Dog Was Fine, Folks)

Dad, Dog, Football

When Dumbledore's Army Got Two New Members

''Why Is It When Something Happens, It's Always You Three?''

When the Dogs Were Really Pleased to See Neville

When Nellie Hitched a Lift (No Broomstick Required)

When Nellie Flew the Flag

When Dad Took a Dog Nap

No Christmas Is Complete Without a Pup on Your Shoulder