The Instagram That Got Matthew Noszka a Modeling Contract, Plus 21 Other Sexy Pics

Matthew Noszka woke up on a July day in 2014 as a college basketball player with dreams of going pro . . . then he built a deck. Matthew posted a picture of himself with the deck and his dad on Instagram, and was discovered by a top New York modeling manager faster than you can say "he's so chiseled it hurts." Days later he signed as a model for Nike, relocated to New York, and transformed into talent worthy of representing some of the most iconic fashion brands. If you watched Fox's short-lived series Star, you probably already know his face (or perhaps just his abs), but now that he's getting into the Netflix game with Let It Snow, it's time to get more familiar. Check out Matthew's revolution from college basketball player to crowd-pleasing model and actor with some of his best Instagram posts!

The Early Days When Basketball Was Life

Officially a Male Model in NYC

Ghosted by His Costars

Just Doing It as Nike's New Male Model

Oh Yeah, and GQ Wanted Him Too

Looking Stock Photo-Worthy During a Visit to NYC From His People

Prepping for a Visit to Milan, Italy, in All the Right Ways

Sporting His Ellen Underwear on Pool Day

Showing Double Bubble Who's Boss and Exceeding All of Our Wildest Bubble Blowing Dreams

Matthew and Pup Keke Looking a Little Too Suave For a Walk Around the Block

Giving Us a Glimpse of His Sensitive Side

Showing Us That Basketball Isn't the Only Sport He Can Own

Putting on His Little Brother Hat With a Shout-Out to His Sister

Testing Out the Temps at Niagara Falls

Being Cool Enough to Have a Sloth as a Friend

Making Hard Things Look Super Easy, Again

Fresh Air and Photo Shoots at Lake Louise Waterfront

Tapping Into His Inner Tim "The Toolman" Taylor

His Last Moments Out of the Spotlight in the Post That Caught a New York Modeling Manager's Eye