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Watch Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer's BFF Showdown

Who Knew Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer Were Best Friends? (They Sure Didn't)

After Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday to talk about their 20-year friendship (which started when they met at the improvisation and sketch comedy troupe The Groundlings), Jimmy put their BFF status to the test. Questions went from easy to easier to so easy that anyone with a passing knowledge of Melissa or Octavia could get it on the first try. It was clear from Jimmy's expression that he'd lost control of the situation from the moment the pair started to speak.

When you get a pair of comedians like Melissa and Octavia together (even virtually), anything goes, including pretending as if they'd never met in person. The fact that neither of them broke during the entire bit is a testament to their acting skills (and how they aren't just "Hollywood friends" who stop "when the cameras stop"). Watch the full clip above to see just how well you know their friendship and to have a laugh or two.

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