Watch Out, Zac — Michelle Is a Hot Commodity in Ibiza

Just because Michelle Rodriguez isn't spending her entire Summer by Zac Efron's side doesn't mean the actress is going to miss out on a good time. On Wednesday, Michelle slipped into a skin-tight striped bikini on a yacht in Ibiza, Spain. Surrounded by guys, Michelle was the center of attention as the group chatted and scoped out their view. Things took a turn, though, when Michelle's pals decided to push her into the water. The actress, who is no stranger to getting wet and wild, took it all in stride, and later showed one of the guys what it's like to take an unexpected fall.

It's been a few weeks since we last saw Michelle and Zac together. The unlikely pair grabbed headlines during their active vacation in Italy earlier this Summer, during which they made horseback riding look sexy and shared several passionate kisses at a nightclub and on the open water. Scroll through to see Michelle's solo shenanigans in Spain, and then find out how Zac's been upping the ante lately.