A Timeline of Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon's Relationship, From "Wild N' Out" to "Selling Sunset"

Bre Tiesi's complex relationship with Nick Cannon, the father of her son Legendary, was the center of a lot of drama in "Selling Sunset" season six, which premiered on May 19. The newcomer in Netflix's real-estate reality TV show was first announced as a cast member in August 2022, alongside longtime Oppenheim Group employee Nicole Young. Upon Tiesi's arrival to the Oppenheim Group in season six, her connection to Cannon ruffled a few feathers at the office — namely with costar Chelsea Lazkani. Throughout the season, Tiesi remained fairly open about her situation with Cannon — he's fathered 12 kids total with six women — despite some of her costars being openly against it.

In one season six episode, Young said of Cannon, without Tiesi present, "I don't understand his motivation, you know, if he does love these women, why complicate it? It's already complicated." Meanwhile, Lazkani, at one point, called Cannon "disgusting" for creating "broken" homes, explaining, "There's no amount of time in the day that would allow Nick to see those 10-plus babies and give them the love and dedication they need. Fundamentally, [Tiesi's] being bamboozled."

Despite their comments, Tiesi brushed them off for the most part, telling her costars when asked if all Cannon's kids' mothers get along, "That's a him problem, that's not my problem." She also responds to their concerns over whether or not Cannon pays her child support, saying, "I take care of myself and if my son needs something or we need something, I can ask." "That's all I have to do. I know he's a good dad. And Nick is not my sugar daddy," she continued. "Nick is not my reason that I'm where I'm at — he's none of these things. It's stupid. I can make crazy money by myself. I can carry my lifestyle, which is not cheap. I can carry my child and my own sh*t."

Tiesi — who was previously married to NFL player Johnny Manziel before they divorced in November 2021 — also seemingly defends the fact that she chose not to enter an exclusive relationship with Cannon after she got pregnant, despite him being her child's father. "I am not a monogamy kind of person," she says in "Selling Sunset." "Everything I've ever seen is divorce and people are unhappy and it ends badly and the kids suffer and it's, like, men can't keep it together. It's never us."

Tiesi's co-parenting relationship with Cannon is still a pain point in season seven, which is out on Nov. 3, but she's seem to accept that it comes with the territory. She recently told POPSUGAR, "Obviously, I know I'm on a reality show. I know that I'm signing up to be subject to whatever f*ckery occurs, but there's a fine line, and you would think that people have some sort of class or moral compass whatsoever to just leave family out of it."

Since "Selling Sunset" season six aired, Tiesi and Cannon have been spotted together on numerous occasions and they've posted a ton of photos and videos together on their respective Instagram pages. Considering that and all the drama that surrounds their parenting situation, some viewers are curious about what else has transpired between the two in real life. Contrary to popular belief, Tiesi and Cannon actually knew each other for years before they had a child together. In a March 2022 interview with E! News' "Daily Pop," the reality TV star and real estate agent said she and Cannon "have had our on-and-off for years," adding that they had "a beautiful relationship [where] everything is so supportive and positive."

Read ahead for everything else we know about Tiesi and Cannon's relationship.

April 2021: Bre Tiesi Makes Guest Appearances on Nick Cannon's "Wild N' Out"

Considering the two had known each other for some years, it's no surprise that Tiesi has made an appearance or two on Cannon's MTV comedy show. It's unclear when she first starred on the show but she posted photos of her and Cannon posed together on Instagram on April 13, 2021, and captioned it, "TWO brand new episodes of Wild N Out on tonight! 🔥🎉 8pm EST on VH1.❤️"

January 2022: Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi Announce They're Expecting Their First Child Together

Tiesi was the first to kick off Cannon's 2022 baby boom when the TV host announced on his since-canceled talk show on Jan. 31 that the two were expecting their first child together. That same day, Tiesi shared the news on her Instagram page by posting footage from her baby show, with Cannon tagged, and captioned the video, "My son 🤍🙏🏼✨💙 Been keeping you safe in my belly from this world as long as I could.. you are surrounded by so much love. Mommy and daddy can't wait to meet you 👼🏽."

June 2022: Bre Tiesi Shows Nick Cannon Love on Father's Day

An expecting Tiesi posted a photo of herself and her baby bump on her Instagram Story on June 19, showing Cannon's hand over it with a sweet message penned to him in honor of Father's Day. "Moments like this with you are everything," she wrote, per People. "You are the most loving, gentle, present human. IDK how you do it we are just thankful you do. Happy Father's Day to baby C's super daddy we love you so much. Happy Father's Day my love you deserve every minute of celebration."

July 2022: Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon Announce the Birth of Their Son

On July 25, Tiesi announced the arrival of her son on Instagram, posting a photo series that included shots of him fresh out of her womb and Cannon right by her side. "I did it. An all natural unmedicated home birth. This was the most humbling / limit pushing yet awakening and completely empowering experience," she wrote in a caption. "I can't thank my team enough for delivering my son safely. This experience has changed me forever and I couldn't of asked for a more amazing and supportive partner. Daddy showed the f up for us.. I couldn't of done it without you. 💙 I can't believe he's here 🤗."

May 2023: Nick Cannon Surprises Bre Tiesi For Her 32nd Birthday

Cannon showered Tiesi with love for her 32nd birthday and gifted her a brand new luxury car, decked out with extravagant balloons, which she posted about on Instagram on May 5. "Yesterday was just WOW.. I was firm in not celebrating this year, but daddy had other plans, even from Ireland," she captioned a post featuring snaps of her gift. "I still can't believe what I woke up to!!! @nickcannon I have no words. I had to just sit here and stare at it, and cry with ledgy. You go above and beyond! We love you so much!!! If I didn't already feel like a bad bitch, I definitely do now! 🧩🧩🧩 "

June 2023: Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon Celebrate Father's Day and Their Son's First Birthday

On June 19, the "Selling Sunset" star posted photos of the pair's Father's Day celebration with their son on Instagram, which included a ton of balloons. Tiesi tagged Cannon and captioned the post, "Our superhero! ❤️🧩." Later that month, the parents went all out to celebrate Legendary turning the "big one," throwing an epic birthday bash on June 26. In one Instagram post, Tiesi shared photos of her and Cannon with their son captioned, "Momma & Poppa 🖤🎤🎂✨."

A few days later, the trio also took a trip to Disneyland in honor of Legendary's special day. Tiesi wrote in an Instagram post, "Disney was Magical ✨ My son I truly don't know how I did life without you. You are my everything. Daddy and I love you more than we could ever put into words. Happy birthday my sweet angel. You are Mommy's baby FOREVER."

September 2023: Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon Post PDA-Filled Vacation Photos

Starting on Sept. 7, Tiesi began documenting her and Cannon's couple's getaway trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on Instagram. In one post, she shared photos of the two hugged up in a pool captioned, "Smile for me daddyyy 👅." In another, posted the next day, the pair posed for some loved-up snaps, almost sharing a kiss in one. After returning from their trip, the pair hit New York Fashion Week together.

November 2023: Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon Celebrate Halloween With Their Son

The day after Halloween, the pair showed off their family costume photos on Instagram, captioning a joint post, "An Ncr🎃dible Halloween with Little red ridding hood and the big bad wolf made a baby wolf 🐺🎃 >> Swipe to see how over is legendary was 😂."