Nick Lachey Gushes Over Daughter Brooklyn: "She's an Angel"

With Summer right around the corner and temperatures inching closer toward 98 degrees (we couldn't help it), we caught up with Nick Lachey at the Almay Simply American Experience in New York City on Friday. Nick opened up about his kids, Camden and Brooklyn; what life is like now as a family of four; and what American activities he can't wait to experience this Summer. Check out our interview with Nick below!

POPSUGAR: Congrats on the birth of your baby girl in January! What is life like now as a family of four?

Nick Lachey: It's more intense, for sure. As opposed to being able to both dote on the same child, you're kind of dividing and conquering. But it's great. She's an angel. I don't just say this because she's mine, but I think she's the happiest baby that I've ever met. She just laughs and smiles, and it's good because when she cries, you know she's genuinely upset about something. It's exciting. I guess you're a family with three, but when you become four, you really become like a family. It's a really cool thing to see your family grow like that. We're having a blast.

PS: What has changed for you now having a daughter? Do you think you'll be more protective?

NL: Yes! I like to think that I'm superprotective of my son, too, but in a different way. But yeah, you can already tell that all those things you hear about — the father-daughter bond — is going to be a big part of our relationship. You want to protect all of your kids but there is something extra when it's a little girl.

PS: How has Camden been as a big brother?

NL: He's good. He's gotten a lot more used to the idea of having a younger sister. At first, he was very much like, "Put baby sister down and play with me," but now he's learning how to adjust. But she watches him like a hawk, it's funny. She'll watch everything he does and so we've started to tell him, "You've got to set a good example for baby sister," and he's started to really respond to that. It's not like she can really play with him right now so he doesn't really know what to do with her, but he's definitely gotten more excited about the idea of having a baby sister.

PS: What is your favorite traditionally American activity to do during the Summer?

NL: For me, I grew up in a big baseball town — Cincinnati — and there's nothing more American than sitting at a Reds game with a hot dog and an ice-cold beer and watching baseball. That's something I grew up on and it's something I can't wait to pass along to my son. That's the great Summer American experience.

PS: We always love getting a guy's perspective on beauty. What is your skin care routine like?

NL: I am very lucky in that I work in television every day and have fantastic hair and makeup people who take care of thinking about lots of that for me. But, to me, it's about making sure you wash your skin a lot. I've also learned over the years that moisturizing your skin is very important. I'm still trying to embrace the sun protection. I'm not very good at that, but apparently it's very important, too.

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