Nicole Richie Really Regrets These Tattoos: "I Was a 19-Year-Old Idiot"

Nicole Richie has come a long way since her The Simple Life days; the 35-year-old is now a wife, a mother of two, an accomplished fashion designer, and she has zero regrets about her "wild child" past. While Nicole isn't going to apologize for who she is, she does regret a couple of tattoos she got when she was a teenager. Read on to find out which tattoos Nicole refers to as "embarrassing and desperate."

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One of Nicole's most prominent tattoos is the pair of angel wings on her shoulder blades.

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The fashion designer has a pink bow tattoo on her neck with her last name inked underneath. Nicole has since come to regret the ink, previously telling Into the Gloss, "I was a 19-year-old idiot when I got this tattoo on the back of my neck. You can see it now with the short hair but people aren't asking about it, which is nice."

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One of Nicole's first tattoos was an anklet design with a cross on her left foot.


Nicole got a cross tattoo when she was 16. She got it on her lower back because she didn't want her parents to see it.

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The mother of two also has the word "Virgin" inscribed on her wrist. In 2014, she called it "embarrassing and desperate," telling E! News, "I am a Virgo so when I was 16 I thought, 'Ooh I'm going to be different and I'm going to put 'virgin,' because the Virgin is the sign for Virgo."

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Nicole has a pink shooting star inked on her left wrist.


Nicole has a pair of ballerina slippers inked on her hip in honor of her dad, Lionel Richie's, song "Ballerina Girl," which he wrote for her. She also has a small tiara on her left hip.