Busy Philipps Got a Call From Oprah, and Yeah, It Was Very Emotional

Christmas came early for Busy Philipps on the latest episode of Busy Tonight. Anyone who regularly watches the show should know by now that the host has a special phone on set dedicated only to Oprah, and that phone was finally put to good use on Thursday when Oprah called in. "I'm calling to make sure this doggone phone works," Oprah said. The ladies then shared a very emotional moment and chatted about Harvest Day and the vegetables from Oprah's garden before making a plan to meet up at a later date.

Oprah also took a moment to congratulate the 39-year-old on her show. "I'm so happy you're on late night," she said. "It's so good to see a woman on late night." Needless to say, Busy was reduced to tears (Really, who wouldn't be?) and she probably still hasn't recovered. Watch the full clip above and try your hardest not to cry with her.