The People Behind #TheDress Tell Ellen About Their Whirlwind Week

Just a few days after the dress color debate that had everyone aligning with either #TeamBlueandBlack or #TeamWhiteandGold, the key players behind the issue sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to talk about how everything started. Newlyweds Grace MacPhee and Keir Johnston spoke about the origins of #TheDress, and Caitlin McNeill joked about why she posted the picture on Tumblr, saying, "It had been tearing the community apart." Meanwhile, Grace's mom, Cecilia Bleasdale, made an appearance in the dress — which is clearly blue and black, and you can buy the dress for yourself. Watch the group talk about their whirlwind week, and then see some of the most hilarious reactions to the dress debate, plus some must-see celebrity input and one guy's tattoo of the dress.