Even Royals Are Snapping Selfies These Days

In case you thought selfies were only for commoners, think again. On Wednesday, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, posted a selfie on Twitter, smiling big while those in the background laughed and took pictures themselves. He snapped the picture during a Pitch @ Palace event at St. James's Palace, which brought together young people who hope to create their own companies. Through the contest, successful business leaders help to mentor and finance the students' visions, and the Duke of York was happy to get into the spirit of the event. According to The Independent, he told the crowd, "This is a unique day at the Palace because we are encouraging you to use your phones and electronic gadgetry. As a result of that, I've decided there's a bit of a thing going around about selfies." Hence this captionless gem:


— The Duke of York (@TheDukeOfYork) April 2, 2014

Of course, while Prince Andrew may be the first royal to snap and share his own selfie, this isn't the first time we've seen a member of the royal family star in one. In January, Prince William posed for a selfie with a young girl who asked to take a picture with him on Christmas Day. Who knows? Maybe Kate Middleton and Prince George will join the selfie craze during their upcoming royal tour!