Princess Eugenie Calls the Queen "Granny" in Her First Interview With Her Fiancé, Jack Brooksbank

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Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank announced their engagement on Jan. 22, and now they've taken part in their first interview together. They appeared on the BBC's The One Show with Matt Baker to discuss how it feels to be newly engaged. If you thought Harry and Meghan's engagement interview was cute, you'll love this!

Matt was quick to ask Jack about how he chose the engagement ring and who will do most of the wedding planning. Jack said that he probably won't get "a word in edgeways." Matt also asked about the one aspect of the wedding many of us are most curious about: the dress! We have a few ideas of what it may look like, but Eugenie said one thing was for certain: "no meringue shoulders, that's a bit unfashionable."

Perhaps the cutest moment came when the couple was asked about when the queen found out about their engagement. Eugenie replied, "granny actually knew right at the beginning" and that her and "granddad" were very happy. She calls the Queen "granny," and our lives are officially made!