Someone Call the FBI, Because These Photos of Priyanka Chopra Are So Hot It's Criminal

Did you really expect Adriana Lima and Priyanka Chopra to go to the beach together and not do something #goals-worthy? The gorgeous pair was spotted soaking up the sun in Miami on Friday, where the Quantico actress couldn't resist giving her supermodel BFF a playful hug. Although their friendship might seem unexpected, Adriana — who looked amazing in her tiny black bikini — shares the same makeup artist as Priyanka (and Beyoncé for that matter), Sir John. Hopefully Sofia Vergara doesn't get jealous! After having a blast on the beach with Adriana, Priyanka retreated to a hotel pool with friend and film producer Mubina Rattonsey. There she flaunted her bikini while sipping drinks and taking plenty of selfies in the pool. No wonder she was cast in Baywatch, right?