Ava Phillippe's Instagram Selfie With Boyfriend Owen Mahoney Has Fans Feeling Déjà Vu

It seems that Ava Phillippe's boyfriend, fellow UC Berkeley student Owen Mahoney, has received the official mom stamp of approval from Reese Witherspoon. On Monday, Ava shared a rare picture of the two on Instagram during a recent trip to Austin, TX. "The bats were feeling shy . . . so here's a pic of us instead," she captioned the post alongside a bat emoji. Reese later commented, "😍 These two."

While it's been established that Ava is essentially a mini version of Reese, it didn't take long for fans to point out that Owen shared a striking resemblance to Ava's father, Ryan Phillippe. "Totally Reese and Ryan!" one commenter shared. "1000000% thought it was ur mom and dad lol," another added. Comparisons between Ryan and Owen go as far back as 2019 when the couple first started dating. "He does not look like your dad," Ava's friend Taila said at the time. "Big thx," Ava replied.