Reese Witherspoon Is All of Us Sneaking Pie Before Dinner: "Nobody's Gonna Know"

The hardest part about Thanksgiving dinner has got to be that it's at dinnertime, right? With delicious smells permeating the house for days prior and sweet pastries in the oven warming up the kitchen, it's impossible to contain ourselves, and Reese Witherspoon absolutely agrees with us. Just two days before Thanksgiving, Reese posted a hilarious video on Instagram of her sneaking in a few bites of pie, and in 15 short seconds, she is all of us.

The clip was set to the popular "nobody's gonna know" audio from Bad Girls Club, and it's the perfect tune for sneaking in some early sweets. The best part of Reese's snacking has got to be when she puts the glass cover back on top of the pie and, nonchalantly, walks away. Let's just hope Reese's look-alike kids, Ava, Deacon, and Tennessee, stay off Instagram until dinner is served! What, like it's hard?