18 Years Later, 2 Kids From School of Rock Are Dating in Real Life

Thanks to a savvy TikToker's investigative journalism, we now know two child stars from the famous 2003 comedy School of Rock are dating in real life, 18 years later. After a "massive IG scroll," TikTok user @marfymae discovered that Caitlin Hale and Angelo Massagli, who played students Marta and Frankie, are a couple, as indicated by their very cute Instagram posts together.

To refresh your memory, Marta, who Dewey Finn (Jack Black) often called "Blondie" throughout the movie, was one of the backup singers of the class band, while Frankie was a member of the band's security team. In real life, it appears the two now live in New York City, where Caitlin is an OBGYN ultrasound technologist and Angelo recently graduated from law school.

Though it's unclear how long they've been together, it looks like they've been linked since at least 2018, and have reunited with their School of Rock costars over the years. Imagine being a part of such an iconic movie and meeting the love of your life on set.

Ahead, look back at photos of little Caitlin and Angelo at the movie's premiere back in 2003 and check out recent snaps of the two in present day.