25 Supremely Sexy Instagrams That Alicia Keys Has Blessed Us With Over the Years

Over the course of her decades-spanning career, the iconic Alicia Keys has never been afraid to speak her mind. In 2016, Alicia made headlines when she authored an essay for Lenny Letter where she explained to the world why she would no longer be wearing makeup. Her heartfelt statement proved to be a robust contribution to the #nomakeup campaign that encourages women everywhere to embrace a natural look and feel confident in their bare skin. Her unwavering desire to stay true to herself is inspiring, and time and time again, we have seen her push past the typical boundaries of what defines beauty to set her own standards.

Through her past and present Instagram shots, Alicia Keys shows us that beauty and sexiness start from within. She encourages all women to celebrate themselves and nurture their spirit, regardless of what society tells them. Keep reading for a roundup of her sexiest Instagram photos of all time.