18 Times Wi Ha-jun Set a Thirst Trap on Instagram and I Gladly Fell Face First Into It

The thirst-trap selfie is a delicate art — one that requires time, confidence, dedication, proper lighting, and thumb-eye coordination to master. If you're looking to learn the ins and outs of this art form, I suggest directing your attention to Wi Ha-jun as your virtual teacher. The Korean actor and model, who most recently earned international recognition for portraying police detective Hwang Jun-ho in Squid Game, is no stranger to drumming up thirst with his Instagram posts, and I appreciate his dedication to the cause.

The 30-year-old heartthrob is basically the poster child for that elusive "perfect combination of sexy and cute" referenced in Crazy Stupid Love, even deservedly nabbing a spot on People magazine's "25 of the Sexiest Men You Can Watch on TV Now" list for his swoon-worthy good looks. His selfies have range, too — some are videos that show off his killer smile, a few put his buff physique on display in the gym (my personal faves, for obvious reasons), and some are snapped in the car to remind us that yes, celebs are also not immune to the temptation of a mid-traffic selfie.

Ready to enroll in Wi's How to Take a Thirst-Trap Selfie 101 course? Your first assignment is looking through his finest work ahead, and you only get an A if you make it through all 18 pictures without reaching for an iced water to chug. Best of luck!

The smile. The smirk. The unbuttoned shirt. It's all too much.

Presenting car selfie No. 1.

I see you with that smolder, sir!

I just . . . have no words.

You see this man in the parking lot while walking to your car . . . WYD?

Petition for more Ha-jun in a beanie content.


Aaaaand I'm weak in the knees.

This man knows exactly what he's doing with these selfies.

Oh, the things I'd do to be on that lovely fall walk with him.

My GOD, the tricep definition is unreal.

I'm inclined to believe his grin could create world peace.

Imagine this being your view at lunch.

The leather jacket and turtleneck combination is just really doing it for me.

He really should start issuing a warning before posting his gym selfies because they're a lot to handle.

I leave you with this wholesome thirst trap featuring a cozy teddy-bear jacket.