In Case You Haven't Noticed, Zachary Quinto Is a Walking Thirst Trap

Fans of American Horror Story and 2009's Star Trek reboot franchise have been crushing hard on Zachary Quinto for years. The 40-year-old actor isn't afraid to show off his silly side, and his adorable four-year relationship with model Miles McMillan is enough to make anyone swoon. Luckily for us, Zachary frequently teases fans with photos of his handsome face and sculpted physique on Instagram. Read on to see all of the sexiest thirst traps Zachary has #blessed us with so far.

His dark brown eyes are what lure you in.

One look at his hairy chest and now you're feeling thirsty.

Because DAMN.

He's even sexy when he's just lounging around.

How is this possible?!

It should be a crime to look this good.

Look at those arms of steel.

The thirst is real and we're not ashamed.

All in favor of referring to Zachary as #BeardedBae, say "Aye!"

We wouldn't mind tending to this wound.

Did someone call for a GQ model?

Clearly Zachary is the man for the job.

He even manages to make this creepy mustache work.

We're shook.

Yup, we're ready to drink his bathwater.