Ryan Guzman's Shirtless Selfie Raises So Many Questions

If you're familiar with Ryan Guzman's sexiest pictures, his latest shirtless Instagram may confuse you a bit. Ryan apparently snapped the picture in a mirror, giving us a close-up of his ripped abs. "Progress selfie... #3months #21lbsgained #hardwork #TheWorkDoesntStopHere," he captioned the photo on Saturday. While the actor said he's gained weight — 21 pounds, to be exact — his waist looks noticeably slimmer. Where is this new muscle of which he speaks? We'd love to see more, Ryan. As for the contours of his abs, we can't help but notice how deep those cuts are. Is that how his abs look naturally, or is there a new filter at work here? We also need to address the chest hair. Ryan's never been afraid of letting it grow out, but this just might be the longest we've seen his patch. Is he turning over a new, au naturel leaf? After you're done pondering the tough questions with us, jump into Summer with a peek at endless shirtless pictures.