Simone Biles Bought the Dress, Shoes, and Bouquet For Her Courthouse Wedding Just Days Before

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens are married! On Saturday, April 22, Biles and Owens shared photos of their special day, taken by Rachel Taylor of Raetay Photography, on their respective Instagrams with sweet captions celebrating their first day as husband and wife.

"I do 🤍 officially owens 🤍," Biles wrote alongside a carousel that features her in a white tiered wedding dress and Owens in a tan suit. The happy couple beam in their photos as they exchange their vows and share two kisses. The NFL player shared a similar set of photos on his own grid, which he captioned, "My person, forever ❤️💍."

The photos reveal the couple had a legal ceremony at a courthouse but still have a big wedding to come where they'll be surrounded by their friends and family. The couple — who first got together in 2020 — got engaged in February 2022, and they've been sharing their wedding planning process ever since. On April 15, Biles even shared that she and Owens had obtained their marriage license.

Then, on Sunday, April 23, Biles did a Q&A with her fans on her Instagram Story and answered some major questions about both her courthouse ceremony and the couple's imminent beach destination wedding. The Olympic champion revealed that though she's spent months planning her big wedding, she ordered everything for the courthouse "this week" — including her dress, shoes, wedding bands, and bouquet. "Not quite prepared for courthouse ceremony as I am for the big wedding," she wrote. And the courthouse moment wasn't without a hitch because her sister, Adria, showed up late.

Biles explained, "My sister showed up as soon as we finished courthouse ceremony. . . so she missed the entire thing. Granted it was quick but still." She added, "Typical Adria," with a laughing emoji.

Biles also teased what guests and fans alike can expect from her destination wedding. According to her, she's wearing four dresses in total. "Kind of dramatic but you only have a wedding once," she wrote, also sharing that the biggest expense for the event was the flowers. Biles said she and her husband are expecting roughly 135 to 140 guests and are "waiting on a few passports" still. A follower also asked about the total budget for the courthouse ceremony and wedding combined, and Biles wrote, "We went so over budget we've decided there is no longer a budget. You only live once."

For their wedding, Owens has seven groomsmen, while Biles has eight bridesmaids. Biles also shared that they're still planning on doing a full honeymoon separate from their wedding but haven't picked a location yet.

In a 2022 interview with E! News, Biles revealed details about what her wedding guest list will look like. "We have some of my teammates that I'd be inviting. But other than that, it's really close family, friends and people that have watched us grow throughout our relationship and will share that love on that day," she said.

While answering a series of questions on her Instagram Stories in August 2022, Biles then said the most stressful thing about wedding planning has been "locking in the date and getting the venue, but once that happened, everything has been smooth sailing." She added, "I know exactly what I want, I have a great wedding planner." For Owens, it's been putting the guest list together.

On the flip side, Biles has really enjoyed "seeing the vision come to life." She says, "That for me has been the most exciting, and putting like, my dream wedding board together."

Keep reading to see everything else we know about Biles and Owens's big day!

Simone Biles's Engagement Ring

Owens popped the question to Biles with a massive oval-shaped diamond set on a white-gold pavé band encrusted with dozens of smaller diamonds. The ring is estimated to cost about a whopping $325,000!

The Wedding Date

Biles and Owens announced they were married on April 22 but the couple is expected to have a destination wedding with their loved ones at a later date.

Simone Biles's Wedding Dress

Less than a month after getting engaged, Biles found her dress while shopping at Galia Lahav's flagship store in LA. "I had my best friend and my mom there and then once we found the dress, we did FaceTime Jonathan's mom so that she could see it. But it was just a very, close tight knit group," she told E! News. "I didn't show all my friends because we still wanted it to be special for everybody. It was something I didn't think I would go with, which was so crazy because I came in with a list of my likes, what I want it to look like and then I kind of did the complete opposite of that. But it was a fun experience. I really enjoyed it."

The Wedding Venue

While they were legally married in a courthouse, Biles and Owens are still having a beach wedding, though details about the location are still under wraps.

The Wedding Theme

In an Instagram Story posted in 2022, Biles revealed her wedding theme will be "timeless, classy, and elegant" with a gold, white, and champagne color scheme.

How Many Kids Do Biles and Owens Want?

In another Instagram Story on the same day, Biles said she wants two kids with Owens. He, however, wants three. "I don't like the oddness," she wrote.

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens Wedding Photos
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Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens Wedding Photos