Sofia Vergara Thinks She Looks "Like a Drag Queen" and Talks Kim Kardashian Comparisons

There's no denying that Sofia Vergara heats up every red carpet she steps foot on, which is why her latest comments might surprise you. In a recent interview with the Daily Mirror, the 43-year-old actress proved she too has insecurities and revealed, "Sometimes I look in the mirror and think I look like a drag queen. I'm a woman, but I'm very exaggerated with my boobs, my ass, how I do my ­makeup, and my accent, of course." She then went on to explain that she doesn't understand the comparisons between herself and Kim Kardashian, saying, "I'm going up for sexiest ass against Kim Kardashian and she's like, 10 years younger than me. She should be upset she's up against me. I think I beat her once or twice. I've met her at red carpet things and she's just the most beautiful woman anywhere . . . so somebody is going crazy to put me on these lists."

It's been a busy year for the Modern Family star, who recently set a wedding date with hottie Joe Manganiello and celebrated her first anniversary with him in June. In addition to planning a wedding, Sofia also stayed busy promoting her new movie, Hot Pursuit, alongside Reese Witherspoon.