The Cast of Spider-Man: Far From Home Swing by Disneyland to Photobomb a Group of Fans

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, goes to Disneyland to meet his fans! Really . . . that actually happened when the cast of Spider-Man: Far From Home stopped by the theme park in Anaheim, CA, on May 8. The official Twitter account for Disneyland Insiders shared a sweet video of someone dressed as Spider-Man posing with a group of children for a few pictures right before Zendaya, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Jacob Batalon snuck up behind the posse to be in the snapshot. Once the kids turned and saw they were in the presence of the actual stars of Marvel's upcoming film, the person in the Spider-Man suit took off the mask, revealing that it was the Tom Holland.

Throughout the day, other fans spotted the costars and got a few pictures with them, while others shared their reactions on Twitter. "Never a dull moment working for Disney. Just witnessed Tom Holland in full Spider-Man costume take off his mask at the Spider-Man meet and greet with a bunch of kids," one user wrote. Another onlooker gave the occurrence the all-caps treatment, tweeting, "I JUST SAW TOM HOLLAND AT DISNEYLAND!!!!!!" We can understand the excitement. It's not every day you see a group of Hollywood actors photobombing pictures. Ahead, view more reactions to the surprise appearance!