Driver in SXSW Crash Could Face the Death Penalty

Fun came to a halt at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX, overnight. An alleged drunk driver killed two people and injured more than 20 other festivalgoers. Those fatally injured include a Dutch man on a bicycle and a local woman riding a moped. A patrol officer had tried to stop the reckless driver at a gas station, but the assailant proceeded through a crowded parking lot and escaped, eventually causing harm. The driver, whose identity has not been released, faces two counts of capital murder, which is the highest offense in the state. That means he could face the death penalty if convicted.

During a press conference today, Austin's police chief said, "This is an individual who committed an intentional act." He continued, "We cannot allow one individual, who through his selfish acts cared only about one person — that was himself — to ruin a wonderful event, a worldwide event, a celebration of life, a celebration to music." He also urged organizers not to cancel events. The festival is scheduled to continue through the weekend. Watch now.