Ted Danson's Floss Dance Has Improved Astronomically Since He First Learned It

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Few things in this world are as precious as the sight of Ted Danson doing the floss. In case you missed it, the 71-year-old actor was filmed back in November trying to learn how to "floss" — which is basically a dance where you move your hips side to side while swinging your arms in the opposite direction. Ted's costars on NBC's The Good Place were giving him a thorough tutorial on how to master the jig. And after a couple of months of practice, he took his skill from the 'gram to late-night television.

During his Tuesday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host showed the clip of Ted first learning how to floss. Ted then excitedly got up and showed the world that he's now fine-tuned his technique and can still get down with the best of them — sort of. Although his floss has improved, there's just one side effect that will probably keep him from ever doing the dance again. Watch him bust a move before revealing why he's not too keen on cavorting quite like that in the clip above!