TLC Clears the Air on That Rihanna Dig

This week, TLC's T-Boz and Chilli clarified what happened when they allegedly made negative comments about Rihanna. In a recent interview with Australia's Sunrise, T-Boz made a reference to frequent nudity, saying, "Every time I see you, you don't have to be naked. And it's hard for us to say anything because every time we say something, 'Oh TLC, oh they must be jealous.'" A picture of Rihanna was shown, and then T-Boz was seen adding, "I call a spade a spade. We became the biggest-selling girl group of all time with our clothes on, and that says a lot. It's easy to sell sex." Now, T-Boz says that none of her comments were made in connection to Rihanna.

After the interview was posted last week, Rihanna responded by changing her Twitter cover photo to a picture of the TLC girls topless, following it up with a series of tweets that shared exactly how she felt about the comments. T-Boz later tweeted that she never mentioned Rihanna's name, and this week, she said it was a matter of editing, adding that she never saw the singer's CFDA look. Watch both interviews and see Rihanna's Twitter reactions below.

First, TLC made these comments.

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Then, Rihanna made this her Twitter cover photo.

Bonus points for the Kanye West profile picture.

Next, she followed up with a series of not-so-subtle tweets.

Later, T-Boz clarified the situation.

This week, TLC gave their full side of the story.