Warning: Dad Joke — Tom Hanks Admitted Which Costar He Was Most Nervous to Kiss

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Before he was chatting with strangers at bus stops, making friends with volleyballs, and being granted wishes by Zoltar machines, Tom Hanks was just a regular guy trying to make it as an actor. Ahead of the exciting Toy Story 4 movie release, the actor sat down on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where the host put him in the hot seat for her "Burning Questions" segment. Tom and Ellen opened up about their favorite jobs before getting into show business, and Tom admitted he was once a bellhop at the Oakland Hilton Hotel. While it wasn't the 50 cent tips that kept him pleased, it was the famous clientele — yep, including Cher!

Tom also confessed which costar he was most nervous to kiss. With all the smooching he did with Helen Hunt in Cast Away, Meg Ryan in both Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail, and Julia Roberts in Larry Crowne, we couldn't help but chuckle over his response. Watch the cute clip above, and see what he had to say about the emotional Toy Story 4 movie here.