Tom Hardy Comments on His Own Instagram Posts, and the Hashtags Are Gold

We need to talk about Tom Hardy's Instagram, a magical nugget of the internet that is being overlooked. The Venom actor joined the social media network at the end of 2017, and he's since enjoyed sharing his love of dogs and motorbikes in gritty monochrome tone, while also documenting his Al Capone alter-ego for the upcoming film Fonzo. Although commenting on his Instagram posts has sadly been disabled for fans, it certainly doesn't stop him. In fact, his captions, hashtags, and general commentary quite frankly belong in a museum. Read on for Tom Hardy's most entertaining posts β€” thus far. Never change, Tom.

On Set of Upcoming Film, Fonzo

Notable comments: "The mood is lit," "The temperature πŸ”₯"

On Chasing Fonzo

On His Love of Dogs

Notable comments: "Sofa dwellers," "Dogs are Epic"

On His New Painting

On Celebrating National Unicorn Day in New Orleans

Notable comments: "Channeling a kind of inner Stephen Sega"

On His Freshly Shaved Head