Tom Holland, Actual Superhero, Rescues a Stray Dog and Takes It to the Vet

If Tom Holland keeps being so perfect, he's going to convince us he's a real-life superhero. The 21-year-old Avengers: Infinity War actor rescued a stray dog and made sure it was well taken care of before eventually leaving it to be reunited with its owner. Tom found the dog, a chocolate Labrador named Bruno, while walking around in London, and he documented the whole experience on Instagram Stories on Tuesday. "Walking around Kingston and we found this dog who seems to have been stray for the last few days," he said in his charming-as-always accent. "If it's your dog, please let us know. We're going to take him to the vet to make sure he's all OK."

Instagram | tomholland2013

It wasn't long before Tom shared a quick snap at the vet and let his followers know that Bruno was left in good hands thanks to the dog's microchip. "We took him to the vet and he's got a microchip. I guess they have the owner's contact info so they're going to find out where he lives and hopefully bring him home," Tom said. Mission accomplished! Spider-Man is always lookin' out.