Watch 2 "The Umbrella Academy" Stars Delightfully Ace a Quiz on the Show

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"The Umbrella Academy" stars Robert Sheehan and Tom Hopper don't simply inhabit the roles of two of seven superpowered siblings on the hit Netflix show. These two show us that their brotherly bond extends far off of our streaming screens and into real life, where the actors demonstrate that they go to great lengths to crack each other up.

Was this iron-clad friendship tested by a quiz about the Umbrella Academy, both in its streaming and comic-book forms? Nope, it was only strengthened by them knowing so many tidbits about the property's origins or helping each other fill in the gaps of their memories. Watching these actors, whose characters have such a tough relationship on screen, smile easily as they support each other's jokes truly warms our hearts.

Plus, we ask Hopper about his passion for motorcycle riding and Sheehan the tough question — what's up with him saying he doesn't believe in ghosts, and has that changed? See all the hijinks unfold in the video above, and check out "The Umbrella Academy" on Netflix — all episodes of season three are streaming now!