The "Level Up" Challenge Is a Viral Sensation, but It Also Has an Inspiring Double Meaning

It's the season for dance challenges, y'all. While everyone's still recovering from Drake's "In My Feelings" craze, Ciara brought a new sensation to social media. But what is the "Level Up" challenge, exactly? Well, the 32-year-old singer turned her powerful anthem "Level Up" into a viral phenomenon with the release of one music video — that's the power of the internet, friends.

Fans and celebrities have found their own ways to "level up," whether that's through re-creating Ciara's badass moves from her music video or by sharing the ways they're seeking self-improvement. They're taking their lives to the next level . . . get it? After all, her song isn't just about showing off dance moves; it's about abandoning fear and having it all. That's a double meaning worth getting behind.

Stars like Chris Pratt, Serena Williams, and Macklemore have already shared their plans to level up, inspiring many others to do the same. Watch Ciara's full video above, and then check out how Tiffany Haddish (our comedic queen) broke down each half of the challenge in a heartwarming and hilarious way.

Tiffany Haddish and Bresha Webb Share How They Plan to "Level Up"

But They've Still Got to Show Off Their Dance Moves

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